Your AI-based virtual sales assistant.She finds new leads,from social media networks and automates engagement  

Engage the Right Lead at the Right Time

VIKI4Biz increases leads engagement and revenues. VIKI learns and understands user usage behavior and identifies leads needs on social media networks and specialized sources.

Therefore, you spend more time with genuinely interested customers. Viki4Biz is a simple and convenient AI-based tool to close more deals.

1 - Define tasks

Tell VIKI who and what to target in natural language (French,English)

2 - Lead Behavioral Profiling

VIKI reads/understands public leads posts, recognizes sales triggers and targets them at the right time

VIKI searches across various platforms to generate a prospect list

3 - Automate engagement

Set the message customers will receive. Example: '@User We think you'll love this'.

VIKI helps your rapidly reach a mass global needs, and allow your deal product/service appears in front of the right people expectations.

4 - Focus on closing deal

VIKI provide contact details and your sales development staff phone or text immediately to close a deal.
Spend only minute engaging with prospects that can be closed !


We provide the perfect bundle that feets your budget !

Upgrade or cancel at any time.

Payments by PayPal    Orange Money

Manage and Optimize your Strategy

Design and Tasks requirements

Define VIKI tasks requirements in seconds in natural language

The Right User at the Right Time

VIKI4Biz maximizes conversions automatically

Insightful Dashboard

Evaluate VIKI's engagements and let's VIKI knows yours preferences

Business Developer Friendly

VIKI4Biz was built for Business Developers by Business Developers

Automated Marketing - Leveraging Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Natural Language Understanding

VIKI crawls public posts and activities over many sources like Twitter, Facebook, News, each second, and looks for needs behaviors that fit yours products, your services, your needs

Deep Machine Learning

VIKI uses cutting edge machine learning profiling technologies to identify leads needs in real time and sales triggers patterns.

Predective AI

VIKI finds the right audience segment for the right call to action using predective data algorithms

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